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Laser Therapy Benefits

Tips January 14, 2018

Physiotherapy treatment can address the needs of clients suffering from injuries and acute or chronic conditions. Several therapeutic devices are often employed to help relieve pain and promote healing. One approach that modern clinics use is laser therapy, which uses photons of light to help reduce pain while encouraging healing. It is used for a variety of conditions like arthritis, soft tissue injuries, and sports injuries.

Laser therapy is administered by a qualified professional who uses a handheld device to slowly place a laser beam over the injured area for 30 seconds or longer. (Duration depends on the size of the area requiring treatment and the dose provided by the unit). During this procedure, non-thermal photons of light are emitted which pass through skin layers and tissue. The underlying cells respond with activity that reduces pain, provides relief, and promotes healing.

After a thorough examination by your general physician, laser therapy can be prescribed. Here are some benefits you can expect from this treatment:


Laser Therapy Benefits


1. Non-invasive. Laser therapy does not require surgical incisions; there is no required recovery time after a session. Based on your condition, you may schedule additional treatment sessions to get ideal results.

2. Safe. Laser therapy does not have any damaging or permanent side effects, and eye protection (required for both physician and patient) is the only necessary precaution. No scars or marks are created during the treatment.


Laser Therapy Benefits


3. Fast. The laser device can help improve blood circulation, and reduce pain and inflammation. Better circulation and lessened inflammation enable wound healing as new cells form.

4. Versatile. Laser treatment can be a part of an individualized care plan. It can be combined with other types of therapy like acupuncture and massage.


Laser Therapy Benefits


Toronto Ortho Neuro Physiocare in Ontario provides a wide variety of beneficial therapeutic treatments. Our qualified team of professionals can assess your overall health and physical condition to formulate a personal care plan. For ultrasound, laser, RMT massage, and other healing techniques, please call us at (416) 533-3900.

Manny Dhaliwal Reg. PT
Physiocare and Wellness Clinic