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Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Massage

Tips June 20, 2018

Like many other service providers, massage therapists have some guidelines for managing client behaviour. Some examples of misconduct during massage therapy can get some less aware clients into a considerable amount of trouble. To avoid any undesirable outcome, pay close attention to these guidelines.

  • Arrive on time - Massage facilities advise clients to arrive 5 - 10 minutes early (15 minutes early for new clients) to allow for some time to discuss treatment with your massage therapist. A client should always be ready to start on time. Arriving early gives you the opportunity to fill out the necessary paperwork and discuss treatment without cutting into your service time.
  • Shower - Maintain proper hygiene before asking the therapist to touch you. Do your massage therapist a favour and wash up before your appointment. Focus on cleaning your feet, nails, hair, and behind the ears.
  • Speak up - Always communicate with the therapist, especially if you are experiencing some pain. Let the therapist know what hurts so that they can adjust their approach. If you have any injuries (e.g. chronic back pain), mention them as well to avoid any aggravation during the session.
  • Turn off your phone - Clients are supposed to relax during a massage. Leaving your phone on can cause you to tense up, break the relaxing atmosphere, or disturb your massage therapist. Leave your phone off during the session in order to fully relax and remain respectful.


  • Come in when sick - Having a massage increases circulation in the body, which can circulate the germs that make you sick. Your illness will likely persist and worsen after having a massage. The therapist will also be touching you, facilitating cross-contamination between client and therapist.
  • Take caffeine - Caffeinated products like coffee can energize you. During a massage, this makes you excited and jittery, and can keep you from relaxing. Avoid drinking coffee in order to stay relaxed during the treatment.
  • Wear artificial fragrances - Use unscented lotions and creams when entering a massage therapist’s room. Strong smells can make the next person’s massage uncomfortable, preventing them from relaxing properly. Neutral scents will dissipate more quickly and be safer for anyone with scent sensitivities or allergies.

  • Inappropriate or lewd behaviour - Any inappropriate behaviour, especially behaviour of a sexual nature, is strictly prohibited. Lewd behaviours, whether they are physical or verbal, can be constituted as a criminal offense.

When receiving any service, remember that the service provider requires the respect and compliance necessary to do their jobs properly. These guidelines will make the experience more pleasant for both you and your therapist, improving the overall quality of your service.


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